Alix Lynx - HD Download
Time: 10:57
Size 854 X 480

Fraulein Alix Lynx will be unable to fulfill her barmaid responsibilities in the immediate future because she's been sidelined by bondage! Enticing in her colorful dirndl and black pumps, Alix stands bound to a bedpost, her voluptuous body subdued by knotted lengths of tan rope and her calls for help muffled by a black cleave-gag! The creep who's taken control of Alix can't resist a closer look at the blonde doll's chest, so he bares her breasts and savors her indignant writhing! As a final demonstration of his mastery, Alix is untethered from the post, only to be hogtied on the bed; now tape-gagged, the beauteous barmaid arches barefoot and bare-breasted against immovable ropework!

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