Kylie Sinner - HD Download
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"Welcome home, sweetheart -- you're Kylie Sinner, right? I'm afraid you'll have to remove your dress and shoes; you can keep your panties on -- for now! Mmm -- don't you look luscious pinned down to the chair with all that rope; sorry about hiding your pretty mouth with that sticky tape, but I couldn't let you call for help while I'm helping myself to your valuables! You certainly have good taste in jewelry, Kylie, but I have excellent taste in other matters -- I believe you'd look marvelous with your legs spread, so the panties will have to go now! Oh, yes, that's hot, you're even more alluringly vulnerable when you're wide open! Now don't waste all that energy squirming and making noise, Kylie, because I'm not kinky. I just wanted to make sure you weren't hiding any trinkets in your pussy!"

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