Phoebe Queen, Xandra Sixx - HD Download
Time: 10:11
Size 854 X 480

Sweet little Phoebe Queen thought she was finished with ropes and gags, but they weren't finished with Phoebe!

Xandra Sixx flicks her eyes nervously back and forth, an understandable reaction to the plight that's left her tied on a chair in her bra and panties, her mouth covered with strips of tape! Xandra's being held by shadowy figures awaiting the arrival of her friend Phoebe Queen with a computer drive they're avid to possess. When Phoebe shows up, she hands over the drive and demands Xandra's freedom in return; instead she's ordered to strip to her lingerie! While the drive's being examined, the friends will remain in bondage; still wearing her glasses, petite Phoebe's adorable but apprehensive as she writhes next to Xandra! After their rope-bound breasts are bared, the chairbound and tape-gagged pair wonder what could possibly happen next!

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