Kylie Sinner - HD Download
Time: 9:37
Size 854 X 480

It's a restrictive tale of the tape for Kylie Sinner after she's dumped on a bed, her body controlled by sticky white coils! Still indignant at her astonishing descent into domination by this evil man, Kylie thrashes energetically on the bed, but kicking up her large and shapely bare feet only serves as an irresistable temptation to the toe-sucking malefactor! Once again, Kylie's feet are callously mouthed, while the excited man shows his gratitude for her tasty toes by spanking her! When she lies on her side, momentarily motionless, Kylie's tormented by the sight of her tape- gagged image reflected back to her by yet another mirror.

ID #: pb05s4
Price: $9.99