Kylie Sinner - HD Download
Time: 9:42
Size 854 X 480

Her least favorite stranger has completed his assignment but before exiting Kylie's life, he assures a lengthy head-start by leaving her seated on the floor trussed-up in tan rope and gagged with duct tape! Kylie's treated to a hands-on farewell, then squirms desperately on the carpet before she spots her phone still lying on the desk where she'd been working so peacefully only a few hours before! After wriggling from carpet to hardwood, Kylie Sinner lies on her back and raises her legs so that her feet rest on the desk, then manages to burst the string that's tied her big toes together! But, in her final disappointment of the day, her phone remains inches away from the toes so frantically stretching for it; Kylie's rescue will be delayed until a friend or neighbor hears her gag-muffled appeals for help!

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