Blake Eden - HD Download
Time: 9:40
Size 854 X 480

Just an ordinary phone call by Blake Eden telling a friend she can't make it for dinner because she's stuck at the office. But Blake's downcast demeanor and the open safe behind her reveal that there's more to the story and indeed, as soon as she's off the phone, the lovely secretary's trussed up in her chair and silenced with a knotted black cleave-gag! While he's occupied with more thievery, Blake slips off her heels and carefully stands in stockinged feet; despite the ropes pinning her ankles and knees together, she hopes to move closer to a window where she can call for help. It's a longshot that's soon quashed by the annoyed burglar, who ropes Blake securely to the chair, then bares her breasts in a mean- spirited power display that leaves her struggling indignantly!

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