Charlotte Stokely, Ivy Jones - HD Download
Time: 11:06
Size 854 X 480

Charlotte Stokely was proud of herself for tricking naive little Ivy Jones into revealing profitable company secrets. To make sure that Ivy didn't get wise and cause trouble, Charlotte bound the delicate girl and tied a black cleave between her lips, then sat her on a bench. While Charlotte phoned her partner to crow about her score, poor Ivy listened meekly, but recoiled when the predatory blonde began to toy with her bound body! Charlotte's high took a dive, however, when her shady partner seized the fruits of her illicit labors, then left the indignant con-girl trussed up next to Ivy! Equals in restraint, the bare-breasted pair struggled while sitting tethered on the bench before rolling onto the floor where their stockinged feet stroked the hardwood!

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