Scarlett Sage - HD Download
Time: 8:59
Size 854 X 480

Attired in a black pin-striped suit and white high-heeled sandals, Scarlett Sage retains a businesslike appearance even as she stands bound to a stair-railing and gagged with duct-tape! Perhaps it has something to do with the attache case next to her, which Scarlett desperately hopes hasn't been noticed by the intruder who surprised her when she returned home. But he does decide to examine it before leaving, then shows his gratitude for its exciting contents by lowering Scarlett onto the floor, where she squirms bare-breasted in tethered restraint! Once he's gone, spunky Scarlett wriggles along the hardwood in her stockinged feet and leans against the front door just as her amazed housemate comes in the back door!

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