Kenna James - HD Download
Time: 9:21
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Suddenly, Kenna James' nocturnal drama shifts to her workplace, where she's on the run from a menacing intruder! Before the fearful secretary can call for help on her phone, she's whisked into bondage on a chair; demurely delicious in her bright-red blouse, tight black skirt, pantyhose and heels, Kenna twists in rope and utters appeals for help that are muffled by her cleave-gag! Then the spunky heroine takes the initiative by slipping out of her shoes and hopping on stockinged feet to the desk where her phone's lying. But the vigilant villain once again prevents Kenna from summoning assistance before perching her on the desk, where she's folded onto her hip by a waist-ankle tether; before long the struggling girl's embarrassed by the exposure of her breasts!

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