Kenna James - HD Download
Time: 10:21
Size 854 X 480

Black is the color that sets the tone for Kenna James' next excursion into naked restraint; black rope binds her slender body while black tape seals her sensual lips! Seated with her legs up on a couch, Kenna trembles under the control of an invisible power that compels her to twist onto her hip to display her bare soles. Then she's briefly permitted to swing her legs onto the floor, so that Kenna can sit and whimper compellingly for release until she's soundlessly commanded to lie facedown on the couch, where she alternates between stretching out her legs and raising her feet close to her hands! When the nightmare dissolves at last, Kenna jolts awake, relieved that the night's over but unable to forget the ordeal she's undergone.

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