Holly Manning, Stella Cox - HD Download
Time: 11:21
Size 854 X 480

Despite their troubling experiences, Holly Manning remains confident that the worst is behind them after she bolsters security at their home. And when they're bondage-free for weeks, she decides it's time for a celebration so both are dressed to party, with Holly in a tight black sleeveless top and leggings highlighted by bright red barely- there heeled sandals, while Stella's enticing in a red blouse, shirt leather skirt and pointy black heels. Sadly, Holly's confidence is misplaced, because when they open the door to their home, yet another stranger has eluded their security and the hapless pair are swiftly pinned with rope to wooden chairs and gagged with white cleaves! Struggling side-by-side, Stella Cox and Holly can't believe they're reliving their nightmare once again; before long, the predatory visitor leaves after taking their shoes as trophies. Barefoot, bound and gagged, they twist and strain on the chairs, then manage to reach the floor, where they sit battling ropework near to the door!

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