Ryan Ryans, Vanessa Veracruz - HD Download
Time: 12:38
Size 854 X 480

It's never a good sign when someone's led into the room with ropes tight around her torso and a bag over her head! When the bag's removed to reveal the lovely face of Ryan Ryans, her anxious eyes wide above the knotted gag between her lips, it's clear that her escort Vanessa Veracruz is up to no good. Indeed, Ryan's being held in expectation of a profitable exchange and in the meantime, Vanessa's going to entertain herself at the bound beauty's expense! Soon Ryan's breasts have been bared and Vanessa eagerly fondles them as she squirms in the chair to which she's been roped. Next Ryan's shoes come off, so mischievous Vanessa can tickle her bare soles, then the lithe bad girl straddles her prey for some in-her-face nipple tweaking!

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