Vanessa Veracruz, Ryan Ryans - HD Download
Time: 10:13
Size 854 X 480

Ryan Ryans amps up her humiliation of Vanessa Veracruz by installing her naked on a dining table; the ball-gag she happily installed between her blonde plaything's lips now serves its purpose in her own mouth! After watching in satisfaction as Vanessa writhes, Ryan pays her final tribute to the subjugated gang-moll's breasts and feet, adds a nip on her nipple, then has the bright idea to spread her defeated enemy's legs by attaching her ankles to the table legs! Whimpering in embarrassment, Vanessa gets a last look at her nemesis when the bag Ryan once wore is placed over her head and she's left to struggle. An impressive reversal of fortune -- but reckless Ryan has spent too much time toying with Vanesssa, so she's about to join her in bondage!

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