Ryan Ryans, Vanessa Veracruz - HD Download
Time: 9:58
Size 854 X 480

Sorry, Ryan Ryans, you should have called for help when you had the chance! Now you're naked again, sitting with Vanessa on the floor like her bondage twin; her partner's annoyed with the way this whole scheme has disintegrated so he wasn't very polite when he stuffed cloth in your mouth and sealed it in place with duct-tape. But Vanessa Veracruz didn't escape his ire as well, so she received the taut-rope-and-duct-tape treatment as well. Both of you are understandably anxious, so you turn your agitated emotions on each other with muffled epithets and angry stares; Vanessa's even pissed-off enough to maneuver menacingly close to you. But then, amazingly, you both have a change of heart when you realize that even a small chance of escape will require co-operation. Twisting back-to-back on your hips, you pluck feverishly but ineffectually at each other's bound wrists, an operation that ends abruptly when you're turned away and immobilized on your hips with waist-ankle tethers! Nothing to do now but huddle together like the friendly enemies you've become and hope that the good guys are on their way!

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