Grab And Bind Of Dolly Leigh - DVD
One Model, 40 Minutes

An excitable young lady, Dolly Leigh was so thrilled about the upcoming costume party that she couldn't resist calling her twin sister Sally to enthuse. Level-headed Sally warned Dolly to be cautious, but the party girl was already colorfully costumed as a student and ignored her twin. Moments after entering the supposed party location, however, Dolly discovered that she'd been tricked! It was an uneven battle, yet she struggled valiantly against the hooded man in black while he methodically tied her hands behind her back, gagged her with a knotted cloth, then wound a long length of rope above and below her breasts! After tying Dolly's ankles together, he pulled off her heels and briefly tickled her soles through her thin white knee socks before leaving the plaid-skirted beauty writhing on the floor!

Sally continued to worry about her sister, so she decided to follow her with the help of a tracking device she'd embedded in Dolly's phone! The protective sister sensed that there would be trouble ahead but she was unprepared for the shocking confrontation that awaited her. Like Dolly, she strenuously resisted the rope-wielding figure who seized her; like Dolly, her limited strength made success impossible against this remorseless man who bound and gagged her in identical fashion to her sister! After pushing Sally onto her knees, he tightened a lengthy rope around her chest, then secured her ankles and watched in satisfaction as she rolled about frantically on the carpet in blouse, skirt and flats!

Sally had found Dolly at last but her mission to keep her twin sister out of trouble was a dismal failure! As she sat bound to a chair and gagged with duct-tape, Sally sadly gazed at Dolly, also tied, tape- gagged and tethered to an identical chair next to her! Still clothed but bare-breasted and barefoot, the trussed-up twins vividly sensed the vulnerability of their situation with the black-clad man lurking behind them. He was clearly energized by the plight he'd inflicted on them, justified in his mind because the sisters had humiliated him online during their campaign against misogynistic internet trolls! From his warped perspective, they had persecuted him so he was returning the favor - - and the best was yet to come!

The best for him, of course, because for two powerless twin sisters, the culmination of this evil man's revenge was an appalling experience! Stripped naked, Dolly stood bound to a cabinet, her pink flesh oppressed by tight rope and her lips spread by a blue ball-gag! The heartless hooded figure accentuated Dolly's ordeal by mocking her gag-induced drooling and the squirming caused by a snug crotch- rope! Just a few feet away, also nude, ball-gagged and drooling, Sally arched on a wooden table in a cross-ankled hogtie; she also recoiled from his toxic presence when he briefly tickled her tender bare soles! Wielding a camera, he made it clear to the intimidated twins that he'd disseminate images of their embarrassing contortions webwide, then happily departed, leaving to Sally and Dolly the demanding task of freeing themselves!

ID #: KD-101