Nina Skye - HD Download
Time: 9:42
Size 1280 X 720

Nina Skye did her friend a favor by covering her job at a thrift store. But the pretty office-worker did herself no favor because she was the only one left at the store when it was invaded by a hooded man on a mission! Nina ran, but the intruder chased her down, bound and gagged her, then brusquely explained that he was taking over the store as a convenient location for a profitable assignment he'd been given. Another young lady in bondage would soon be joining them, brought by his partner who'd just snatched her; until then, he sneered, Nina could relax on the floor! Relaxation, of course, was the last thing on Nina's mind as she rolled around in bondage, murmuring anxiously through the tape covering her mouth and kicking up her stockinged feet.

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