Nina Skye, Scarlett Sage - HD Download
Time: 10:38
Size 1280 X 720

When Scarlett Sage was taken to the thrift-store that would be her new home, she joined Nina Skye in apprehensive submission. With her sweater, skirt and pantyhose removed, Nina sat roped to a wooden chair in her bra and panties while Scarlett was secured in a chair next to her. Trapped in a vicious scheme, the bound and gagged young women eyed each other in alarm while listening to the evil pair casually discuss their plans, then slowly leaned closer to each other and tugged carefully at the ropes binding each other's wrists! When the hooded man noticed their awkward contortions, he put an end to the innocent girls' feeble efforts by turning the chairs until they were face-to-face.

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