Summer Day, Ivy Jones - HD Download
Time: 12:19
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A message of intimidation was being sent, one that Summer Day clearly understood but courageously resisted. Her defiance, however, resulted in both women losing their blouses, skirts and shoes; trussed up barefoot in their bras and panties, Summer and Ivy Jones sat on the floor, backs against the desk! Trapped in rope, they conversed nervously until the phony repairman returned to ball-gag first Summer, then Ivy. After indulgently allowing the bare-breasted girls to struggle back-to-back, he took mean- spirited pleasure in tickling Ivy's slender bare soles, before watching her roll onto her side while Summer watched in powerless despair! But the unexpected arrival of a security guard thwarted his scheme; released from their bonds, Summer and Ivy were relieved that their ordeal was over.

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