Christiana Cinn - HD Download
Time: 9:06
Size 1280 X 720

When a buxom masseuse is confronted by a delusional client, the massage table becomes the site of her subjugation! Attired in skimpy yellow bra and panties, Christiana Cinn offers another of her very special massages, but when the client accuses her of using her skills to control his mind, she's rapidly propelled into bondage that leaves her kneeling on the table! A duct-tape gag muffles her responses to his crazed ranting and Christiana trembles as her impressive breasts are bared, but his domination reaches its peak when her torso is folded down against her thighs! With her face and chest held against the table by tight coils of rope, Christiana wriggles pathetically, her bare soles and bottom starkly exposed!

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