Scarlett Sage - HD Download
Time: 8:25
Size 1280 X 720

Some burglars are relatively easy-going, just as some of their marks are especially feisty -- Scarlett Sage qualifies as one of the latter. Surprised at bedtime, Scarlett at first simply sits with one hand cuffed to her bed's headboard by the benign bad guy, who warns her to keep quiet while he goes about his business. The petite girl obeys at first, but when she discovers her phone hidden under one of the blankets, Scarlett can't resist trying to call for help. When she's overheard, however, the annoyed intruder's no longer Mr. Nice Guy; hands now cuffed behind her back and ankles also cuffed, Scarlett sits tape-gagged in her bra and panties, clearly no longer a problem for the thief! But the flexible little lady has one surprise left when she manages to slide her legs under her arms; she's about to remove her gag when she's interrupted in timely fashion! No more antics for spunky Scarlett, who's left to squirm in hogtied restraint by a short rope-link between her wrist- and ankle-cuffs!

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