Knocked Out and Bound! - Download
Time: 47 Minutes

Mark is chair bound and tape gagged by Julie King and her accomplice before being robbed of all his monies.

While enjoying a magazine, Gwen Stanley sneaks up on Tommy! While he is out, Gwen ties him up on the couch and tape gags him. Tommy wakes just in time to watch Gwen leave and is left to struggle alone!

Muscular smuggler Grayson is captured and interrogated by gorgeous Jessie Capelli! Grayden is blindfolded and chair bound while Jessie rubs her body over his!

Ben is knocked out, trussed up and cleave gagged by Jordan Molloy, a disgruntled member of his gambling ring!

Rock star Nigel is confronted by his "girlfriend" Marie Mitchell about his serial cheating. Nigel ends up as a tied and gagged foot stool for the unforgiving Marie!

Antonio is sneaking around where he shouldn't be - a 2 X 4 over the back of the head knocks him out - a tight hog-tie and a cloth gag keeps him out of the way.

Shannon takes revenge on Vince, an aggressive suitor - she ties him up and whips him with a belt!

ID #: MIB-40
Price: $30.00