Gianna Dior - HD Download
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The next object of his devious scheme was hard at work not far way. Gianna Dior was also troubled by a voicemail from Candy but, like Mackenzie, had no idea she was also in jeopardy until a stranger appeared and the energetic brunette sat roped to her office-chair and gagged with a wide cloth tied over her mouth. Despite the rope web oppressing her bright red blouse, Gianna tested her restraint by turning to the computer keyboard where she'd been working and attempting to send a message for help. Unwilling to wait meekly for rescue, Gianna continued her resistance until she loosened the rope hitching her to the chair, then kicked off her heels. After hopping barefoot out of the office, Gianna managed to free her ankles, then ran around the yard in a desperate effort to escape!

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