Kendra James - HD Download
Time: 9:10
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Therapist Kendra James had just begun to make notes on her final session of the day when a profoundly troubled former client suddenly burst in and demanded the records of his interactions with her. When Kendra staunchly refused, she was rendered helpless with rope; she tried to reason with him and referenced his desire to bind and gag women, then calmly demanded that he release her. Instead, he responded with a thick black gag tied between her bright red lips, before leaving Kendra to struggle in her chair while he searched her files for the notes he wanted. When he returned to find that the lovely psychologist had slipped off her heels, freed her ankles from a tether and was crawling barefoot for the door, he immobilized Kendra with a makeshift hogtie and ran off with the documents he'd stolen.

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