Bound in Briefs! - DVD
Time: 45 Minutes

First up is Logan and Rob as the Hanson Brothers - young detectives who always catch their man. This time however it's a woman, Shay Ruskin, who gets the drop on them. The two young detectives are bound and tape gagged back to back. When Rob escapes, Shay comes after him! Will the still tied up Rob be able to save his brother?

Frank is bound and ball gagged by a disgruntled former business partner. It may be all over for Frank unless Amber Michaels can come to his rescue.

Brandon is a football star who thinks he's too good to go to class. His pretty English teacher, Roxanne Chadwick, thinks different so she embarrasses him by tape gagging and binding him in his jock strap only. Soon his teammates and the entire school get to enjoy poor Brandon's predicament.

Mark is tied up to a pole and cleave gagged. No help in sight, Mark can only mmmph and try to free himself.

Logan is hogtied and ball gagged. Sexy blonde TJ Hart has no intention of letting him go.

Kyle Stone is a cheating husband, but Heather Stewart knows how to fix it with rope and a tape gag, so Kyle doesn't stray anymore.

Frank and Amber are back. This time Frank is the ultimate in pompousness. Amber knows how to bring Frank back down to Earth in an embarrassing fashion. Binding his wrists and ankles and ball- gagging him, Amber makes Frank hop around and beg to be let go.

Jay and Shay Ruskin are held hostage by escaped convicts. This may not be as bad as it seems as Jay and Shay get into some heavy making out while tape gagged and securely trussed up!

ID #: MIB-5
Price: $30.00