Chasing The Solve - Targets: April Olsen and Zoe Sparx - Download
Two Models, 96 Minutes

"Chasing The Solve -- Target: April Olsen"

Finding a famous buried treasure obsessed the man without a face but he failed to discover its location. So he followed a trail that led to April Olsen, a young woman rumored to possess the Solve. Of course April would never surrender it to him without persuasion, so the ski-masked figure entered her home stealthily, then questioned her intensively once the curvaceous beauty sat tightly bound in his arms. Defied by brave April, he stuffed cloth in her mouth, followed by the application of duct-tape; while she struggled from couch to floor in a failed effort to free herself, the greedy man ransacked the house and searched her laptop. His quest was no more successful than hers, so he returned and demanded the Solve once again. When April remained stubborn, he promised her a more embarrassing encounter with bondage.

"Where's the Solve?" After the question was asked once more, followed by April's refusal to give the answer he wanted, the masked man arranged naked restraint for her. Standing tied and cleave-gagged in the empty corner of the room, her impressive breasts encircled with rope, she twisted carefully on her bare feet. April's wide eyes and tense murmurs expressed the anxiety caused by her bound and gagged plight, emotions that were heightened when a crotch-rope was tightened between her legs.

April was still unwilling to reveal the Solve and her ski-masked interrogator refused to accept failure, so the busty nude's subjection to rope continued. Tape-gagged and seated on a chair with her wrists pinned separately to opposite sides of the wooden framework, April strained vigorously against the frustrating rope web. To emphasize her powerless condition, April's legs were spread by hitching her ankles to opposite sides of the chair, a pussy-exposing arrangement designed to humiliate her.

Moved onto a narrow coffee-table, April sat in tied and tape-gagged immobility that was becoming uncomfortably familiar to her. When she believed that the imposing intruder was no longer watching her, April summoned up the courage to slip off the table so she could make a desperate escape attempt. But he was more vigilant than she believed and after her effort was thwarted, April was disciplined with a hogtie that left her facedown on the table. Trapped in rope even more rigorously than before, the indignant girl arched zealously as her shapely bare soles flexed close to her hands.

Released from the hogtie, April was no closer to freedom as she knelt tightly bound and crotch-roped in naked submission, her lips sealed with duct- tape. Over and over again, she had resisted the treasure- hunter's demand for the Solve and his limited patience was wearing thin. When she was later lowered onto her side, April lay twisting on couch pillows while he exhorted her to be realistic and give him the crucial information. Although her defiance angered him, April would soon recede into the background because a friend of hers named Zoe Sparx was about to arrive and receive the ski-masked villain's close attention.

"Chasing The Solve -- Target: Zoe Sparx"

When Zoe Sparx entered April Olsen's home, how could she have imagined that her friend was lying bound and gagged behind the closed door of a nearby room? Or that she would be seized within seconds by a nightmarish figure who silenced Zoe with cloth and duct-tape, then blindfolded her before zip-tying her wrists? Once Zoe's limited opportunity to run was negated by zip-ties around her ankles, she sat on the couch next to April's ski-masked nemesis, who immediately demanded the Solve that her friend wouldn't relinquish. Despite her alarming predicament, the lithe blonde stonewalled this obsessive character, who responded by removing her sandals and tickling her bare soles. Left alone, Zoe writhed on the couch until she stood and tried to hop away, an effort soon halted by the angry man.

Just like April, Zoe lost her clothing before she was placed in a chair, her slender nude body coiled with rope from chest to ankles. Tireless in pursuit of the Solve, the evil man made his annoyance with Zoe's lack of cooperation clear by leaning in close until his face was mere inches from hers. Once he was gone, the dazed young woman struggled in the chair before raising her feet onto the kitchen island in a desperate attempt to loosen the knots controlling her legs. When her oppressor returned, Zoe was elevated onto the island, where she lay on her back, unable to do more than kick up her bare feet.

Perhaps considering that his assertive questioning had failed to bring the answer he wanted, the Solve-hunter tried a gentler approach with Zoe. After she was allowed to clothe herself in a short leopard-skin dress, Zoe sat in a rocking-chair with her hands tied in front and linked to her knees. Her relatively comfortable bondage, however, failed to elicit the Solve from Zoe so she was tape-gagged; when she later tried to peel the tape from her lips, Zoe's bound wrists were returned to the more familiar position behind her back. Once she was brought to a standing position moments later, the towering figure implied that there'd be no more Mr. Nice Guy.

To her dismay, Zoe discovered that Mr. Bad Guy was true to his word when her naked body was stretched diagonally across a bed, her wrists and ankles hitched to tall bedposts. Gagged with duct-tape, she experienced the distasteful sensation of the masked face looming over her while she lay nearly frozen on her back. Zoe summoned sufficient energy to twist onto her stomach but her hands remained far enough from her face that removal of the tape-gag proved impossible.

He'd failed time after to time to receive the answer he wanted from April and Zoe but the Solve was at the center of this madman's universe. So Zoe lay on her stomach once again, now with her arms tied behind her and her legs linked to another bedpost. The ticklish girl squealed as her sensitive bare soles wriggled under his fingertips, then she gasped when he swatted her bottom, yet Zoe refused to surrender the precious secret. After her crossed ankles were tethered close to her crossed wrists, hogtied Zoe arched with desperate fervor and wondered when she and April would be free of their despicable visitor.

ID #: HH-380 - HH-381
Price: $40.00