Tickle Her Till She Pees! - DVD
45 Minutes, Three Models

It's a Sunday afternoon and Samuel is minding his own business reading his newspaper when there's a knock on his door. He answers and there stands a very pretty, but very annoying girl. She's one of those people who go door-to-door trying to convert anyone she can into her way of thinking.

Samuel tries his best to get rid of her, but she barges right into his home determined to lecture him and sell him a copy of a book that's "competely changed her life."

After listening to her babble on and on, Samuel decides to get her to understand his way of life. He drugs her and when she awakes she is tightly bound and gagged. She can't move and she can't speak so Samuel is able to finish his newspaper in peace. When he's finished he beings to tickle his bound and gagged capitve. The poor girl is super-ticklish, squealing in laughter through her gag. She squirms around trying to get away, but it is no use - the fun is just beginning.

Next Samuel ties her to his tickling-horse. Wearing only bra and panties (and soon only panties!), the girl is completely helpless as Samuel assults her bare soles, ribs and underarms. The gag is off now so Samuel can thoroughly enjoy her uncontrollable laughter!

Samuel decides that he wants to totally tickle humiliate her. He suspends the girl by her wrists so that she is literally left hanging. Totally vulnerable, the girl can do nothing as Samuel tickles, tickles and keeps on tickling! After many agonizing minutes, the girl's body can't take it anymore and she pisses all over the floor and herself.

Now that Samuel has impressed upon the girl his way of life, he is finished with her. He leaves her bound, gagged and completely naked at his front door. When her friends come looking for her, they will be sure to find her.

In the video's second segment, Amber Michaels and Dorothy Laine take turns tieing each other to a bed and tickling the hell out of each other!

ID #: TH-2
Price: $30.00