Tied Up Girls Can't Make Trouble! - DVD
45 Minutes, Nine Models

What did Aubrey Taylor unwittingly record when she tested her new camcorder in an unfamiliar neighborhood? The mystery remains because the man who broke into Aubrey's apartment, then tied and gagged her, coolly walked away with the tape as she writhed in her bonds! From the standpoint of a non-violent but no-nonsense bad guy, what better way to deal with an inconvenient heroine than to place her in restrictive restraint -- thus the predicament of Chantel Osmond and Bridget Kelly (backyard bound!), Franchezka Valentina, Reina, Natalie Wade, Angie Savage, and the indignant captive trio of Michelle Curtis, Christina Kazan and Chantel!

ID #: FB-196
Price: $25.00