Bare Skinned Beauties - Bondage Battles - DVD
50 Minutes; Eight Models

Tough chick Kimmy Carroll surprises cute rival Cali Logan (aka Johanna Dillon) while she sunbathes in the backyard, strips off her top, then taunts her petite prisoner as Cali struggles tape gagged and hogtied on the ground!

Kimmy doesn't look nearly so tough after Cali gets payback by leaving the taler girl roped up and tape gagged in nothing but her panties on top of a kitchen island!

When spunky starlet Eva Ellington defies her sleazy agent, he strikes back by tightly binding the naked girl to a low stool and stuffing a ball gag in her mouth!

Naked, crotch roped, ball gagged and hogtied: perhaps feisty Indica James and buxom Megan Jones could find themselves in a worse plight, but we shudder to think what it might be!

Snugly snared with white cord that pinions her ankles, knees, wrists and breasts, nude beauty Tori Black murmurs angrily through her tape gag as she writhes on the floor!

After she grabs beautiful Samantha Ryan, kinky little Chloe James tickles, spanks and pulls the hair of her trussed up, tape gagged and topless captive as a sinister photographer records the action!

But then the creepy shutterbug decides that the girls should exchange roles, so a shocked Chloe soon squirms bare breasted, bound and tape gagged while the delighted Samantha uses her hands and feet to tantalize Chloe's curvy little body and tiny bare soles!

ID #: FB-239
Price: $30.00