Grab and Bind: Kellie Krave - DVD
63 Minutes; Three Models

Prepare to encounter intrigue, treachery and a mouth watering array of alluring women in bondage when you enter the shadowy world of white slavery!

A pair of ruthless thugs practice their trade when spoiled, wealthy and kinky Gisella Moreno goes shopping for a sexy new slave! Hot Aussie Kellie Krave is 5-11, but she's no match for the femme fatale in black sunglasses who surprises poor Kellie taking a nap, trusses up the lingerie clad girl after wrapping a gag over her mouth, then forces her to hop her way into captivity!

Once Kellie's been delivered to Gisella's mansion, her thug cleave gags her and ropes the topless girl into a neat lotus tie! Gisella's delighted with her helpless new toy, so she immediately impresses on Kellie who's in charge by fondling her breasts and tickling her bare feet!

But Gisella underestimates Kellie's desire to be free and when the rich bitch gets careless, she becomes the bound, cleave gagged and struggling prisoner of her expensive new slave!

Understandably, Kellie can't resist paying back Gisella, so she pulls off the wealthy witch's expensive pumps and tickles her pampered naked feet! By satisfying her yen for revenge, however, Kellie loses her chance to escape because the sinister woman who took her returns to receive her fee from Gisella! Her mouth taped, the bare breasted Kellie's balltied on a marble table, where she awaits Gisella's unwelcome attention!

But neither Gisella nor Kellie foresees the the final twist that places both girls in bondage! Deciding that Kellie's too valuable a property to leave with her client, the mystery woman whisks her away after tapegagging and hogtying an indignant Gisella!


The life of a white slaver isn't all money and glamour -- often it's hard work and improvisation when the entrepreneur is confronted with unexpected developments!

Resourceful Lorelei had promised to deliver a beautiful and submissive "product" to an ultrawealthy client, but is surprised when the boxed beauty arrives a week early! So Lorelei decides to fill the time before she's contracted to deliver Alexis Taylor to her new master with rigorous bondage that will prepare Alexis for her new life! First she strips Alexis to her panties, then binds the bosomy captive to a low stool, ball gags her and pulls Alexis' bare feet tightly up under the seat with and excruciating toe tie!

Her first day as a bondage initiate was difficult for Alexis and her second offers little relief! Still topless and ball gagged, Alexis strains pathetically against no fewer than nine strands of taut white cord securing her to a chair; all ten of her rednailed toes wriggle in string enforced restraint!

On her third day in captivity, Lorelei's focus on Alexis' bare feet becomes more intense! After roping Alexis to an arm chair and stuffing and taping her mouth, the dominant businesswoman secures a vibrator between the squirming captive's arches, then subjects her feet to a foretaste of things to come!

What can a fearful Alexis expect as her subjugation continues? You'll have to wait for an upcoming KD release to discover what the future holds for this damsel in distress!

ID #: KD-43
Price: $30.00