Tori And Breanne: Bound To Cum! - Download
46 Minutes, Two Models

As Tori Black lit the candles in front of the Christmas tree, she waited impatiently for her sweet girlfriend Breanne Benson to return home to their love nest. When Breanne walked through the door, however, she was upset because the rowdy neighbors next door had been harrassing her again. Soothed by Tori, Breanne shed her clothes and joined her lover in blissful nakedness -- but their foreplay was shockingly interrupted when two of the degenerate neighbors burst into their house! Swiftly binding and gagging the terrified girls, the ranting couple accused them of calling the police about their shady activities; before the thugs moved on, Tori and Breanne would learn that snitching on them had been a big mistake!

After their tormentors left, the helpless girls struggled for over an hour before they finally wriggled free of their bonds. As they sat next to each other, exhausted, Tori and Breanne shyly confided to each other that their bondage had aroused erotic excitement when they writhed breast to breast! Despite their emotional ordeal, Breanne begged Tori to bind her again, then plunge their favorite glass toy deep into her pussy! Thrilled to explore a new sexual world, Tori roped Breanne on her back, legs spread wide, teased her with a miniature vibrator and sucked on her toes while the helpless little blonde quivered with pleasure! Once she'd brought Breanne to the edge of orgasm, Tori turned her captive onto her stomach so that her wet pussy was thrust into the air, then penetrated her with the glistening dildo as Breanne spasmed in her ecstatic restraint!

Then it was Tori's turn to squirm as her lustful little girlfriend zeroed in on her snatch! Breanne made it tough on Tori by spreadeagling her to the metal headboard of their bed and ball-gagging her, then experimenting with her lover's pussy by inserting her fingers and toes while Tori wriggled and drooled! After mocking Tori for the pool of droll that had accumulated on her stomach, Breanne mercifully removed the ball-gag, but left the 5-10 beauty's long legs spread wide before beginning her final maneuvers to tease the O out of Tori. Petite she may be, but Breanne possesses a disproportionately long and limber tongue that she eagerly put to work on Tori's clit! Rigorously roped and remorselessly stimulated, Tori moaned and bucked as she reached the pinnacle of orgasm, then collapsed when the flood of sensations overwhelmed her nervous system! Freed at last, Tori cuddled with Breanne while promising that their romance with restraint was just beginning!

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