Born To Be Bound - DVD
46 Minutes, Eight Models

Eavesdropping on secretive Charlie Royce proves hazardous for Sadie Moreau when she's grabbed, hogtied and tape-gagged by the tall brunette! Before Charlie and her associate can carry out their scheme, however, Sadie strikes back by roping the indignant bad girl into a ball-tie and silencing her with the same tape she'd used on Sadie!

Taut black rope and a white cleave gag restrain and silence innocent Erika Jordan as the nighty-clad girl squirms on a chilly wooden floor! Forced to strip naked, then bound and gagged in identical fashion to Erika, busty brunette Veronica Avluv soon shares her friend's peril!

Nikki Nefarious uses her knotty expertise to turn frightened Linzy Cross into a barefoot, bound and tape-gagged prisoner! When housemate Linda Connors returns home, Nikki and her partner in crime take Linzy with them as a hostage, while Linda's left immobilized on the floor in a lotus-tie, her cries for help muffled by a tape-gag!

Wicked Nikki returns to do what she enjoys most: tying and gagging beautiful naked girls! This time she preys on slender and sexy girlfriends Monique Alexander and Melissa Mendini, who mischievous Nikki gags with white tape and snares breast-to-breast on their knees!

ID #: FB-252
Price: $30.00