Kellie Krave's Bondage Party - DVD
44 Minutes, Five Models

When Kellie Krave discovers her boyfriend's bondage DVD, the tall Aussie and her petite gal-pal Julia Crown are so aroused that they decide to imitate the kinky action! First a nude Kellie sits tied and tape-gagged while imaginative Julia uses her hands and feet to caress her helpless girlfriend's naked flesh! Kellie squirms indignantly and pleads for release with her eyes, but Julia's savoring the thrill of domination, so she sits face-to-face in Kellie's lap to indulge in some serious breast-fondling!

Then it's Julia's turn to squirm as she curls up bound on the floor! Eyes wide above her tape-gag, bare-skinned Julia whimpers when Kellie happily plays with her soft little body! But the afternoon of exploration ends with the girls sharing bondage when Kellie's boyfriend returns home! Roped breast-to-breast and cleave-gagged as they kneel on the bed, Kellie and Julia moan sensually while experiencing utter vulnerability!

One minute Linda Connors was peacefully curled up in an armchair; the next she lay immobilized, her hands tied above her head and sandalled feet roped and raised in the air! Strips of blue tape covering Linda's mouth muffled her incredulous squeals!

Nikki Nefarious decisively defeats rival Dylan Riley by tying her hands behind her, securing black cloth between her lips, then popping Dylan's bare breasts from under her pink dress! As the stunned girl squirms angrily, Nikki pushes Dylan onto her stomach and completes her humiliating bondage by spreading her legs wide and roping her ankles separately to the lounge!

When pop songstress Mallory Rae Murphy refuses to listen to crazed fan Samantha Ryan's musical efforts, Samantha ties up Mallory, tapes her mouth, then blissfully sings to her captive audience of one!

ID #: FB-257
Price: $30.00