Disk Hunt - DVD
70 Minutes, Seven Models

A Jon Woods Video

Bondage-filled intrique abounds when agents from several countries all vie for possession of the elusive "Wotzop Document." Ariel Anderssen has snatched Santana and interrogates the busty brunette to learn the location of the coveted disk.

The long-haired beauty begins by tracing the elusive disk's trail: Agents Celeste Star and Claire Adams are waiting to pick up the disk when Claire suddenly turns on her partner. Celeste is handcuffed and cleave- gagged in the back of their van by the treacherous redhead. But Claire's contact double-crosses her as well, and she's gagged and strictly hogtied with zipties next to Celeste.

When the disk resurfaces in an office, novice field agent Melissa Jacobs is sent undercover to retrieve it. But it seems the idea of getting captured secretly appeals to the gorgeous blonde, and when she's caught snooping she practically insists on being bound and gagged. She's chair-tied and cleavegagged by her boss, and he prepares to flee with elusive document. But before he leaves her to be found by the other agents, the villain strips the helpless cutie and leaves her tapegagged and hogtied on a desk.

The disk is then tracked to an information clearinghouse. Amber Michaels leaves rival Christina Carter bound and gagged in the ladies room so she can search for the secret disk. But the buxom spy hops out and cuts herself loose, then overpowers her nemesis. Amber is hogtied, scarf- gagged and taunted by Christina. But when their "boss" discovers his office has been infiltrated by foreign agents, he cuffs the curvy ladies together, tape-gags them and leaves them in peril.

No sooner does Santana finish her tale than she immediately turns the table on Ariel. The statuesque beauty is stripped down to her panties, cleave-gagged and suspended spread-eagle. Santana briefly torments her former captor and leaves the slender blonde to struggle while she escapes — with the disk!

ID #: JW-29
Price: $30.00