Dangerous Diva Fights Crime - DVD
47 Minutes, Six Models

Sexy smugglers Laura Lee and Randy Moore became Dangerous Diva's naked, ball-gagged and hogtied prisoners when the queen of the cat- burglars rescued a diamond-bearing feline from their clutches!

Once Diva wannabe Charlie Royce ambushed the Dangerous One, then securely bound and gagged her, she believed she could trade in her catsuit for a cocktail dress to attend a party full of wealthy marks! But Charlie's confidence collapsed after the Diva freed herself and used her bonds to truss up the glamour-girl in her place!

A caseful of cash rewarded the criminal cleverness of Lena Shelby and Sue Diamond, but Dangerous Diva's deployment of a potent smoke capsule temporarily undermined their resistance and transferred the fortune to her! Once she had the upper hand, the Diva ensured that the larcenous ladies would spend their evening silenced with tape and squirming back-to-back in lotus bondages, deprived of both clothes and loot!

ID #: DD-16
Price: $25.00