Adrienne Manning's Bound Penetration - DVD
43 Minutes, Three Models

Prurient interest can lead in unexpected directions, as beauteous Adrienne Manning discovers after indulging her taste for vintage Damsels-In-Distress publications! As Adrienne submerges into fantasy, she imagines herself bound spread-legged in an armchair, her breasts and pussy bared! Blindfolded, she strains against her bonds as a formidable vibrator's thrust between her lips and she's forced to suck its gleaming shaft! Suddenly, the toy's no longer in her mouth, but buried deep into her creamy snatch and tied in place, while a cleave-gag muffles her moans! Like a courageous heroine in jeopardy, the bound and gagged girl resists her mindless invader with all the energy she can muster, but her losing battle with pleasure ends when Adrienne succumbs to the vibrator's robotic pulse in an orgasmic shudder!

Despite her sweet face, Lexi Bloom is a sharp-tongued office gossip who's also made plenty of enemies by snitching to the boss! Lexi finally gets her comeuppance when she's roped to her chair, legs spread wide, by one of her victims, who completes her revenge by inserting a bright yellow vibrator deep into the sexy secretary's wet little pussy! Lexi whines indignantly, but the cloth tied in her mouth minimizes the noise; Lexi's ordeal escalates when her legs are ruthlessly frogged, her hands are tied behind her head and a ball-gag replaces the cleave! In the end, however, it's the inexorably buzzing dildo that pushes Lexi over the edge into a humiliating orgasm that everyone in the office will witness!

Emily Addison loves to play with herself -- nothing wrong with that, but her long-suffering housemates have warned her to keep playtime private! When Emily ignores their pleas once again by sucking on her toy and rubbing it on her snatch as she relaxes in the common area, they teach their horny housemate a humiliating lesson by tying her down on the lounge and roping her shiny pink best friend into her vajayjay! While Emily kicks her legs high in the air and rants at them, the laughing women expose her breasts the better to fondle them, then tape her mouth to silence Emily's verbal assaults! Tiring of their games, Emily's tormentors leave her alone, but first retie her on her knees, butt high in the air! It's in this graceful position that Emily reaches the climax she usually enjoys much more than on this lamentable occasion!

ID #: FO-01
Price: $30.00