No Way Out - DVD
44 Minutes, Seven Models

A thwarted escape attempt from their predatory cult brings severe punishment to Amy Anderson, Sara Liz and Roxanna! Tightly trussed with black rope and gagged with duct tape, the trio of naked girls writhe on the floor while the cultists silently take note of their fearful example!

A menacing creep terrorizes Layden Sin in her bedroom, first ordering the innocent girl to strip to her panties, then leering as the ball-gagged Layden struggles in bondage on her knees! Before leaving, he punctuates the luscious prisoner's plight by hogtying her!

A bewildered captive in her own bathtub, Natasha Warner strains against the thin cotton cord pinioning her slender body! Her eyes pleading while she emits muffled cries through her cleave-gag, blue-jeaned and barefoot Natasha yearns desperately to be freed from her mysterious plight!

Clad only in bra and panties, Hana Black walks downstairs into bondage! Cleave-gagged and tied up on the wooden floor, the buxom brunette struggles and the wooden floor after her breasts are exposed and her wrists tethered to her ankles!

Several years ago, Eden Wells gave testimony at a trial that convicted an innocent man! Now, after a rough stretch in prison, he's returned for payback that's focused on Eden squirming naked, ball-tied and ball- gagged on her coffee table!

ID #: FB-285
Price: $25.00