Gagged Guys With Tied Up Gals - DVD
45 Minutes, Twelve Models

Caught cheating on his wife Alexander Payne feels the pain of being bound and gagged with home wrecking slut Randy Moore. Ball gagged and tied together Alexander and Randy struggle against their ropes to free themselves before his bitch wife comes back to put them through more torment.

When Gisella Moreno tries to get rid of her psycho roommate things go terribly wrong as Gisella gets tied up and tape gagged. When boyfriend Jon finds poor Gisella and tries to free her he gets the same treatment and ends up next to Gisella struggling to get free from their bondage nightmare.

While on their honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Linzy Cross and new hubby Curtis are taken hostage by the local drug cartel tied up and kept quiet with ball gags.

When petty criminals Dolph and Ashlyn Jameson try to burglarize a house they get more than they bargained for as the tied and gagged by one tough homeowner.

Melissa Jacobs and Aaron are stripped to their underwear and bound knelling face to face by Aaron's ex. As they try to escape the heat of their naked bodies rubbing against each other gets them turned on and the start making out through their cloth gags.

Superhero couple Lena Shelby and Zach are captured in rope by their evil nemisis Nikki Nefarious. Lena is tied standing, tape gagged and forced to watch as Zach is made helpless by being put into a suspended hogtie and ball gagged.

ID #: CC-24
Price: $25.00