CosWorld 3 - DVD
48 Minutes, Six Models

A hard-boiled private investigator (Roxanna) joins Detective Melissa Jacobs to investigate a bold attack by the mysterious Dark Spirit. Melissa suggests a thorough investigation requires a reenactment of the crime, and Roxanna reluctantly agrees. No sooner is the gorgeous P.I. bound, gagged and topless when a courier brings Melissa the secret files with the latest crimes of the Dark Spirit. Roxanna sits helplessly beside her colleague as Melissa goes over the reports with her:

Air Force Brat Lexi Stone is quite surprised when the Dark Lady breaks into her home. The shadowy villainess bonks the brunette beauty on the head, and Lexi wakes up bound and gagged. The leggy lady tries to hop away to freedom, but her mysterious captor catches her, and Lexi is thoroughly roped to a chair. The khaki-clad cutie is helpless to stop the intruder from unbuttoning her blouse and revealing her breasts.

Nasty weather leaves Sailor Miko Sinz landlocked and bored at home. She gives a friendly greeting to the Dark Spirit when she appears, but the masked menace shocks the seafaring siren. The nautical lovely is then cleavegagged and frogtied on her sofa. The Dark Lady pulls open Miko's blouse to expose her before leaving the Asian beauty alone to flounder.

Computer technician Ashley Roberts is repairing a laptop used by the government agency hunting the Dark Lady. The brainy blonde unknowingly opens a forbidden file, and a graphic suddenly appears on the screen that hypnotizes the unwary beauty. While she's held motionless, the Dark Lady appears. Poor Ashley is bound with cables at her desk and gagged, powerless to stop the wicked lady from inserting a disk that will destroy all the information they've collected on her. Her mission completed, The Dark Lady completes Ashley's humiliation by baring her breasts before leaving her to be found later.

Movie Star Jana Jordan is alone on the set rehearsing her lines when the Dark Spirit appears, ostensibly to give her a rewrite of the script. The spoiled star is delighted to read that she'll be taken, since it offers a prime opportunity to showcase her acting skills. She demands the shadowy stranger tie her up, and soon the gorgeous blonde is thoroughly bound hand and foot. The duped diva is then gagged and totally defenseless to stop the Dark Lady from exposing her breasts.

Once finished with the files, Detective Melissa absent-mindedly leaves Roxanna bound, gagged and topless on the bed whiles she scours the area for any secret passages or overlooked clues. The beautiful P.I. grows more and more frustrated as she struggles and squirms against the bonds, trying in vain to free herself. When Melissa finally returns, she apologizes to her ally and frees her. But the hard-boiled sleuth isn't one to forgive, and she wrestles down CosWorld's greatest detective. Melissa is left exposed, gagged and fold-tied by Roxanna. The trench-coated cutie then gives Melissa a taste of her own medicine, leaving her alone to struggle while she conducts her own investigation of the crime scene. Roxanna then decides to continue their collaboaration at her office, and leads the (still bound and gagged) detective out to her car.

ID #: COS-03
Price: $30.00