Steampunk Spies - DVD
45 Minutes, Six Models

A Bondage Video by Jon Woods!
Starring Ashley Renee, Kiki Daire, Lady Monroe, Loren Chance, Constance, Leah J. and Arielle Lane with Jon Woods

Madam Ashley, a lady of mystery and reputed double agent, has agreed to an intimate meeting with Colonel Everhard Jackman. She intends to seduce the Colonel and obtain his secrets, so she agrees to be bound by him as foreplay. But once she's tied up and ballgagged, Jackman turns his luscious prisoner over to a Sylvanian secret agent. Kiki Daire uses a powerful vibrator to interrogate Madam Ashley, and the busty beauty experiences a shuddering orgasm. Yet the sultry seductress refuses to surrender any of her secrets. Not only that, Ashley's confederate grabs the unwary spy and takes her prisoner.

Agent Daire is stripped down, bound to the bed and cleavegagged. With the tables turned, Madam Ashley uses Kiki's own insidious vibrator on her, and the curvy spy quicky has a wild, helpless orgasm. But before Agent Daire divulges any of her own secrets, Madam Ashley is surprised and grabbed by the returning Colonel Jackman!

The wicked Colonel has doublecrossed his busty partner, and both ladies are chairtied by the villain. He uses a fiendishly dangerous type of ballgag to silence his captives! How will these rival spies be able to escape from this perilous situation?

The story is followed by all-new segments from "The Damsel Network" introduced by Mary Jane Green. In a deleted scene, Lady Monroe portrays a hopeful starlet in "Hollywood Bondage Stories." The blonde cutie is ballgagged and tied up on the bed in a variety of positions, ending thoroughly hogtied and helpless.

Then Loren Chance stars as a cheerleader in bondage in bonus scenes from the "Go Hostagettes!" series. When the Coach discovers she's betrayed him, the aqua-haired lovely is thoroughly chairtied and scarf-gagged. Then she's ballgagged, dressed up in lingerie, stockings and heels for a few powerful forced orgasms.

Next are vignettes of "Three Secretaries in Bondage." Slender beauty Constance is thoroughly chairtied and silenced with a knotted cleavegag and left alone to struggle. Then buxom ebony lady Leah J. is scarfgagged and tied to a chair in a couple of different positions, ending kneeling with her hands tied overhead to a spreader bar. The silk-blouse beauty Arielle Lane is gagged with a bandana and progressively bound into a snug fold-tie on the floor.

ID #: JW-54
Price: $30.00