Tied, Topless And Tape Gagged - DVD
55 Minutes, Eight Models

A stirring bondage drama begins to unfold when Eden Wells and her partner in crime drag captives Aubrielle Summer and Brooklyn Chase into the room! Already stripped to their panties, Brooklyn and Aubrielle protest loudly but are quickly silenced with tape-gags; after their bare breasts are framed with rope and their ankles and knees bound by Eden and her associate, the helpless girls sit fearfully on the floor at the mercy of their captors. But Eden receives a bitter surprise when she's seized by her treacherous partner; after the dust clears, the blonde bad girl's been deprived of everything but her panties and now struggles in bondage next to the two bound brunettes. Before exiting with 100% of the loot, the energetic thug hogties all three women, who writhe side-by-side in an eye- popping tableau of body-arching and bare soles!

Long-legged nude captive Courtney Dillon wriggles face-down on her bed, crossed wrists bound behind her back and size-10 toe-tied bare feet hitched to the headboard! Eyes wide above the black tape covering her mouth, Courtney continues to challenge the black ropes whose grasp becomes more daunting after she's crotch-roped and tethered into a kneeling position!

Sophie Nova's shower will have to wait because kinky intruder Mandy Sky has other plans for the wide-eyed redhead! As tape-gagged Sophie stands wrapped in a towel that's secured with coils of black rope, Mandy's fingers probe under the cloth to tease the pretty prisoner's tits! After dispensing with the towel, Mandy seats nude Sophie on the bathroom floor and treats herself to handfuls of her victim's boobs before leaving the indignant girl to struggle in solitude.

Larcenous Sara Liz has pink-nighty-clad Southern sweetheart Alana Rains just where she wants her -- trussed up and cleave-gagged on the floor of her condo! After Sara departs with a bagful of Alana's valuables, the bare-breasted and toe-tied victim rolls around furiously on the rug in a futile effort to escape the embrace of her sinister black ropes!

As she sits in captivity on a couch, Linda Lay's expressive dark eyes flash above the duct tape sealing her lips while her buxom little body twists unhappily against the white rope webbed across her silky black robe. Linda's stylish brown boots never leave her feet, but she's powerless to resist when her robe's tugged open to reveal enticing bare breasts that undulate as she squirms on her side!

Lying naked and spread-eagled on a bed, her pussy-lips spread by a crotch-rope, Samantha Ryan would be in plenty of trouble even if she were alone. But her anguish is augmented by mischievous little Veronica Radke, who's all over Samantha fondling and mouthing her breasts and tugging on the crotch-rope. Veronica raises her sensual harassment to a climax when she lies back between Samantha's legs so the petite menace can simultaneously tickle the victim's soles and tease her tape-gagged mouth with her own wiggling toes!

ID #: FB-380
Price: $25.00