Squirming, Ticklish, Helpless Men! - DVD
Time: 42 Minutes

Six ticklish guys gasp and giggle as they are tickled without mercy by beautiful women!

New to tickling, Gavin can't believe the torment Tiffany is able provide with her ten ruthless fingers. He squirms and squeals unable to control his tickle agony!

Luke laziness is screwing up Hannah's life. Of course, she has the perfect solution to set him straight. She strings him up and takes advantage of his many, many ticklish spots. Poor Luke begs for forgiveness and he promises to change, but Hannah's pretty pissed so Luke's shit out of luck.

Perhaps our most ticklish guy, Kyle Stone is tied down and tickled by the beautiful MacKenzie Montgomery. Much to Kyle's dismay, Heather Stewart soon shows up to join the tickle party. If that's not bad enough Shayla drops by making it three beautiful girls ganging up on one tied up, helpless and super-ticklish guy! Good luck Kyle.

Ted's girl Jasmine has a wonderful tickle time with him while he's all bound up. Ted begs for relief but unfortunately Jasmine is just not the compassionate type.

Sexist pig Carlos believes that men have more endurance than women at anything Roxanne can think of. "How about tickling," Roxanne challenges. Backed into a corner, Carlos must accept and boy is he sorry! Roxanne tickles the crap out of he body and bare feet and Carlos learns a very hard lesson!

Mike isn't paying the bills so Kaylynn must take control! Hubby Mike is tied down and left completely vulnerable to the tickling devices of his frustrated wife. When she's finished, Ole Mikey won't be so lax with his responsibilities!

ID #: MIB-16
Price: $30.00