The Return Of El Bobo! - DVD
64 Minutes, Two Models

A Bondage Video by Jon Woods! Starring Arielle Lane and Alli Rae with Jon Woods & Lorelei Mission

In the tiny country of Las Rehenes, El Presidente's daughter (Arielle Lane) is sleeping peacefully when she's suddenly grabbed by the leader of the rebellion, "El Bobo"! The one- eyed insurrectionary gags and thoroughly hogties the leggy brunette (all shown completely on-screen). When the escape is delayed, the rebel leader bares his pretty hostage's perky, all-natural breasts, and adds a snug crotchrope and a toe-tie to her strict bondage.

Back at the secret hideaway, Arielle is handcuffed and inescapably chained to a post. El Bobo ballgags her, then adds presses a layer of silver duct tape on her lips before shooting the video of his demands for payment. While the cameras are still running, he cuts away Arielle's clothes to expose her most intimate parts and humiliate his helpless captive. But the evil revolutionary has no intention of returning the slender beauty, even if the price is paid. Poor Arielle is dressed up in lingerie, tapegagged and suspended with a strong vibrator positioned between her legs. El Bobo explains that to raise more money for his cause, he intends to sell El Presidente's daughter to a very interested overseas buyer. But first the buyer wants a little demonstration. He switches on the device, and although Arielle futilely squirms to escape the relentless buzz, she soon surrenders to a helpless orgasm. Will this powerless pawn in El Bobo's dangerous game be able to escape the fate he has planned for her?

The story is followed by the prologue for "Policewoman Neva Fail." Gorgeous blonde Neva (Alli Rae) tells us about how her interest in bondage began, all while getting more tied up as her narrative progresses. In a flashback sequence, the lingerie-clad beauty convinces her reluctant boyfriend to tie her down for some bedroom fun. Cleavegagged and bound spreadeagled on the bed, our willing damsel is very responsive to the carefully positioned vibrator, and she enjoys a long series of bondage orgasms. But her sexy encounter does not end as planned when they have an unexpected interruption.

Then Neva tells about her revelation while working in a thrift store: A robber enters and duct tapes our sweet damsel, including a tapegag (all shown on-screen). The captive clerk struggles energetically to free herself, but her efforts are all in vain. Disappointed by his meager take, the robber rips her blouse open and pulls down her jeans before taping her up more and leaving her to squirm while he makes his escape. But the beautiful captive has a pleasant surprise when she's finally rescued.

The winsome blonde (now well-tied in a classic position) then talks about her current job, and even though she enjoys it, she realizes she'll probably be late for work, and she coquettishly asks you for a little help with her ballgag. The leggy blonde then puts on quite a show struggling in the ropes, and before long her blouse is unbuttoned and her breasts are revealed. Her skirt is hiked up so we get an unobstructed view of her pantyhose as she revels in her helplessness.

ID #: JW-85
Price: $30.00