Business Women in Bondage - DVD
45 Minutes, Six Models

It's a perilous world for beautiful businesswomen! Loyal executive Ginger Jolie's search for her missing boss leads her to a sleazy tavern and bondage behind the bar! As she struggles bound and gagged, coin dealer Mackenzie Montgomery regrets boasting about her valuable merchandise to an underpaid security guard! When lovely insurance inspector Laurie Wallace indignantly refuses a corrupt property-owner's bribe, she's left tied and helpless in a dank cellar!

Sizzling Justine Sands stars in a classic tableau: the safe's open, her valuable figurine's gone, and she's roped to a chair and gagged! After she overhears an incriminating conversation, innocent secretary Ashley Manning finds herself in a frightening bind! Art expert Rachel Santini knows that Tiffany's painting is worthless, so Tiffany knows that she'll have to keep Rachel from talking!

ID #: SB-3
Price: $30.00