Naughty Couples Get Tied - DVD
Ten Models, 44 Minutes

The burglars thought they were breaking into an empty house, so it was a surprise for everyone when they interrupted Riley Reyes and Nathan Bronson in the midst of their lovemaking. The sexy couple soon found themselves roped and gagged, stashed on the bed while the intruders went from room to room, robbing them of their valuables!

Larcenous Amarna Miller's playtime with bound and gagged homeowner Jean Feliz comes to a screeching halt when her irate partner shows up. Because Amarna didn't follow the rules, she's tied and cleave-gagged along with poor Jean, who's trussed-up in his underwear.

Bondage-prone couple Cassidy Klein and Lucas Frost once again fall prey to evil- doers, although this time they get to keep their clothes on! As they try to free themselves they are caught by their captors and disciplined with Cassidy in particular, folded onto her hip and tethered to the couch!

Naughty Alexis Ferreira thought she had it all with helpless Paolo Pasolini standing bound to a ring and ball-gagged for her pleasure! But when his regular mistress shows up and catches Alexis domming her submissive, she takes offense and makes Alexis pay! The angry mistress places a ball-gag in Alexis' mouth and ties the pair face-to- face by waist- rope!

When Robby Echo finds poor Victoria June cuff-bound and ball gagged he thought he would have time freeing his girl from her captivity. But unfortunately for both the captors come back and restrains them in cuffs, slapping some tape over Victoria's lips and stretching their arms over head to a chain attached to the ceiling.

ID #: CC-55
Price: $25.00