Captured and Bound! - DVD
Time: 51 Minutes

Professor Mario Bowers comes home to find his pretty wife (Starr Conway) hogtied and gagged. Before he realizes that a robber is still in the house he is captured too. Soon, the are bound and gagged side-by-side.

Super hot Jenaveve Jolie and her friend Kris are the victims of a female burglar! She comes through their unlocked door and berates them of their stupidity. The two captives are bound topless (Jenaveve is completely nude) and cleave gagged on the living room floor!

Tim Logan is the best private detective in LA. When the underworld uses his pretty secretary (Holly Manning) as bait, they get the drop on him, knock him out and when he awakes he finds himself tied up in the front seat of his convertible while his secretary sits helplessly tied in the back seat.

Grayden doesn't have it so bad. When he and Jessie Capelli are caught making out at a party, the host decides to tie them up, cleave gag them and let them go at each other. Sexy Rose Bancroft comes downstairs late at night to find her boyfriend tied up and gagged. She's next and the two of them stand side- by- side tape over their mouths, hands over their heads awaiting rescue.

Holly Lane was Alex's favorite high school teacher. Now in college, he goes to visit her for lunch. Imagine his surprise when he finds her tied up. He tries to rescue her, but ends up just like her.

Ben and Xara Diaz can't even enjoy their honeymoon without being bound and tape gagged by desperados!

Isabella Janacek and James find themselves in a similar predicament as Rose and Chad - the biggest difference is that Isabella is completely nude as she stands helplessly.

ID #: CC-1
Price: $30.00