Hunks and Babes: Bound and Gagged! - Download
Time: 50 Minutes

Heather Stewart comes home from work and finds her hubby Rio bound and gagged. Unfortunately for her, the burglar hasn't left yet so she is next in line for bondage!

Poor Luke is already bound and tape gagged. Having sexy Shannon bound on the bed with him isn't so bad, but she's tied so that her bare feet tied right in his face. The sweet aroma of her bare feet is all he can breathe until they are rescued.

Love-birds Chad and Raven Knight were planning on an afternoon make-out session. Their plans changed considerably when a burglar breaks in and ties them both up.

Brett looks pretty good in a bathing suit and Summer Long is damn hot in her bikini. We think you'll agree that they look even better bound and tape gagged back-to-back!

Jack and Barbi Bentley are caught in the middle of a home invasion. Both are bound on their stomachs and tape gagged on screen! After the criminals have split, it's up to them to get themselves loose.

April is cheating on her husband. When he catches her with her most recent "boyfriend," he ties them up face-to-face in their underwear and ball gags them into silence.

Rob and Justine are also bound in their underwear. Watching them struggle side-by-side, you can't help but wish you were there with them.

ID #: MIB-24
Price: $30.00