Tie 'em Both Up! - DVD
Time: 45 Minutes

Frank as a helpful neighbor whose good deed gets him bound and tape gagged with Samantha Hollister.

Chantel Osmond and Miles taking a tropical vacation only to get trussed up and cleave gagged by robbers.

Jeff and Cindy Schubert as game show contestants competing to see who can untie and ungag themselves first.

Kyle , Cory Lane and Shayla Stevens are bound, tape gagged and blindfolded at work after hours. Kyle works off his blindfold for a nice, long look at his fellow captives.

Logan and T.J. Hart are tied and gagged face-to-face. T.J. dons a tight cleave gag while Logan is gagged with T.J.'s bare feet!

Logan (ball-gagged), Rob (tape-gagged) and Shay Ruskin (ball-gagged) are bound side-by-side in only their underwear!

ID #: MIB-2
Price: $30.00