Guys Tickle - Girls Giggle! - DVD
60 Minutes, Eight Models

Lots of pretty girls are the victims of guys wanting to hear them scream with laughter! First on the list is Tamara Nissa whose boyfriend has her all stocked up. Heidi Lynn is tickled by Chase Brocco. Stacy Burke is bound and her friend Kelsie Chambers is forced to tickle her. Soon, roles are reversed and it's Kelsie who is tied up and tickled. Gigantic breasted Serenna Lee is tickled for the first time by her aggressive boyfriend. Kathy Douglas makes a big mistake when she allows "friend" Michelle Yamada to bind and tickle her. Kathy has protective friends however and when one of them sees what Michelle is doing to her, he takes action. Before Michelle knows it, she is in stocks and being tickled without mercy. Way too ticklish Ashley Rene is tormented by a guy with relentless tickling on his mind.

This title was originally shot on Super-VHS and not digital. Thus the visual quality is not nearly as strong as a title shot originally on digital. However, the content is good enough that FM felt it was worthwhile to release at a reduced price.

ID #: FC-58
Price: $20.00