Manhandled: Sheila's Size 5's & Kiri's Captured Feet - DVD Combo
60 Minutes, Two Models

Manhandled: Sheila's Size 5's:

Exquisite little gypsy Sheila Bartok is a naked plaything for powerful Mark Kovacs... and she loves every minute of it!

Sheila prized her perfect size-5 bare feet; she often lotioned and worshipped them as a sensual indulgence. But she never imagined what would happen when Mark discovered her secret! Aroused by the sight of her pouty lips sucking her tiny toes, Mark seized Sheila’s feet and mouthed them in his own forceful manner!

When Sheila noticed how Mark’s mighty manhood was sprouting, she pulled her feet away and wrapped her satiny arches around his hardening shaft; Sheila’s mouth quickly followed. Mark repaid Sheila’s oral compliment, a gesture that left his petite partner shivering!

Once Mark finished tonguing Sheila’s clit, he took full control of her small body. Whether she’s pinned beneath him as her toes curl, or balanced on his legs, Sheila writhes around the huge erection that Mark has filled her with (his cock is longer than her feet!). She’s nothing but a barefoot toy in his hands; his lustful play rewards both with ecstasy.

Kiri's Captured Feet:

"It's a hell of a shock when you come home and find your girl friend bound and gagged on the floor! But even Kiri would agree that the guy who tied her up did us both a favor. After she was helpless, he played with her bare feet and Kiri admitted that it kind of turned her on!

"So she was actually hot and wet and ready for fun once I untied her! I tongued her clit, she sucked my cock, then rolled it between her soft little soles until I was ready to explode. It was fantastic sliding into her tight little snatch and sucking her wiggling toes, then pinning her down so I could thrust while keeping an eye on those toes! I held out forever, but when I finally let loose, it only seemed fair to come all over her sex- charged feet!"

ID #: FX-9 / FX-13
Price: $25.00