Male/Female Bondage Captives - DVD
48 Minutes; Sixteen Models

Natalie Mason's husband comes home to find his wife folding laundry with the gardener, Nigel. Seems innocent enough until he spots something out of the ordinary and loses it - binding the two together and cleave gagging them.

Laura Lee is held so it's Luke to the rescue, but when he shows up with the bag of obscene amount of money, things don't happen as they should and Luke ends up bound and gagged next to poor Laura.

Stripped naked with nothing but ropes wrapped around her body, Kayden Kross looks helplessly at her bound beau Aaron and wishes he could save her.

Jana Jordan should have helped Graven out of his ties, or at least removed the gag in his mouth, because if she did she would have known that there was an intruder in the house and she wouldn't have been stripped and bound next to him.

With their hands tied above their heads and their ankles bound together, it doesn't look like tape gagged duo Priscilla Milan and Talon will be going anywhere.

Captured couple Veronique Vega and Charlie struggle to get free from the ropes that bind them.

During a strip tease performed by sexy Lena Shelby, Jake and Lena get an unexpected visitor and end up bound and tape gagged.

Private dick, Kyle rushes to the aid of pretty assistant Reina. But he should have known it was a trap and ends up tied on the floor at Reina's feet.

ID #: CC-16
Price: $25.00